The Burning Platform: A Bad Week for Freedom

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Bernanke Black HoleMEDIA ROOTS — A cabal of banksters, traitorous shysters, thieving technocrats and debt hustlers, continue plying America with more financial soma: more credit cards, more debt, more loans, and more deficits.  The snake oil salesmen of our era engineer the financial impotence of everyone not included in their exclusive, nano clique of psychopathic predators.  They plunder U.S. wealth, like a con man scams a stumbling drunk into a game of three card monte.  To complete the nightmare, the “drunk” American is arrested for gambling, as the fearless con man walks free, having paid to rig the scales of justice long ago.

The U.S. healthcare system is more accurately called “sickcare” and has more in common with a lucrative racket, than with an altruistic sense of universal compassion.  Charlatans try to reanimate the housing market, only to see it fail, while playing off the cadaveric spasm as success.  Meanwhile, the mass media’s black magic practitioners continue to indoctrinate the masses with soft fascism, paving the road to tyranny with dog and pony shows for elections. 

The U.S. pulse of hope still gently pumps.  Young people’s passion and enthusiasm for Republican Ron Paul shows a renewed vigor for democratic ideals.  The emphatic rejection of SOPA and PIPA clearly told the status quo not to infringe upon the only remaining, reliable source of news and information.  Americans sense that our leaders have broken the pact, and threaten them with “or else” as reflected by increased gun sales over recent years.  America has badly veered off course.  Do we have what it takes to avoid running aground? 

Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform provides sound insight regarding the socioeconomic ailments of today’s America.



The Burning Platform — It is mind boggling the degree to which central planners like Bernanke, Geithner, Obama and Congress will inflict their vision of how the economy and world in general should operate upon the trusting masses. The American people want to believe their leaders are doing what is best for them. They like dwelling in a land of delusion, security and luxury, where government guarantees to protect them from: terrorists; Iranian invasion; saving for retirement; looking out for their own health; educating themselves; and accepting the consequences of living above their means. Their ability to distinguish between truth and propaganda has been thoroughly degraded by years of government proscribed education. We have chosen to become a knowingly ignorant nation of true believers. There is no time for critical thinking while we anticipate our next tweet about the death of drug addicted pop singer. We have been taught to love our servitude.

The fallacy of government protecting you, taking care of you and providing you “free” benefits is so ingrained in the American psyche that it is virtually impossible to voluntarily reverse the trend. The truth that Americans refuse to acknowledge is that nothing is free in this life. We are not entitled to own a home, a free education, free healthcare, or a comfy privileged existence. Everything government provides is taken by force from someone else. Everything government does has a cost. Americans have traded freedom and liberty for the appearance of safety and security.The cost is constant war, getting groped by TSA perverts, surveillance by government agencies, threat of imprisonment without charges and a $1 trillion price tag per year. The cost of “free” healthcare is mind numbingly ludicrous rules and regulations for doctors and patients, massive fraud, outrageously expensive procedures and medications, and a $100 trillion unfunded liability left for future generations. The ultimate cost of an overbearing, all controlling government will be economic collapse and revolution.

The concluding act during this bad week for freedom occurred on Saturday in the great state of Maine. When it became clear that Ron Paul was going to win the Maine caucuses, the GOP establishment, that has already anointed Mitt Romney the Republican nominee, decided the people of Maine would be told who won. Using the excuse of an impending snowstorm (less than 1 inch), the powers that be cancelled the caucuses in Washington County where a large contingent of youthful Ron Paul supporters dominated. The Girl Scouts didn’t cancel their event in the same county that day. The men who cancelled the caucus are strong Romney supporters. This was a blatant Stalinist act of voter disenfranchisement. The GOP leaders declared those votes would not count in the totals. Despite this despicable act of rigging an election, Ron Paul doubled his vote percentage from 2008. His message of freedom, liberty, non-interventionism, sound money and self-reliance is reverberating across the land among young people who have not been programmed by the governing elite and the corporate mass media. The establishment will do everything in their power, including vote fraud, to prevent Ron Paul’s anti-establishment message from being heard.

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